Self – Defense Forces In Tabqa .. A Watchful Eye on The Security of the People

Tabqa – After liberating north and east Syria from the terrorist organization ISIS. The self-defense forces effectively contributed in the battles fought by the Syrian democratic forces, especially in Tabqa city.

These forces which consist of Tabqa’s citizens also contribute to maintaining security and stability and stand side by side with the internal security forces inside and outside the city, ensuring the safety and security of citizens.

These forces organize continuous patrols, set up checkpoints inside the city, and prepare themselves for any emergency or any sabotage or terrorist act that may target the city.

The self-defense forces in Tabqa city are considered to be the source of the confidence for the inhabitants of the city because they are protecting both the residents and their properties from the targets of the terrorist groups and cells.

The fighter Abdullah Ahmed, who is from Tabqa, expresses his pride in joining self-defense forces who are working to stabilize the city and establish safety and tranquility among the people.

The fighter promised the people of Tabqa to be a watchful eye on their security, and to protect them from the aggressors.

SDF-Media Center

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