Silos of Salhabiya receive 1000 tons of wheat every day

Tabqa- After taking all necessary measures to facilitate the receipt of wheat crop from the peasants, the management of silos in Tabqa countryside has started to receive the wheat crop since the beginning of this month.

The wheat is received from farmers in the west rural of Tabqa and Raqqa. Most of the wheat received so far is not irrigated.

When the trucks enter the yard of silos, the entry papers are checked, the weight is determined and samples of wheat are taken to be analyzed in the laboratory to give it the appropriate grade. Finally, the load is emptied in the yard of silos, after that the wheat price is delivered within 20 days.

The director of Salhabiya silos “Fathi Hassan” said: The production of this year was good and wheat varieties were new when analyzed in the stores’ laboratory, where the silos receive about 1000 tons every day.

He added that within few days, 11 thousand tons will be stored in the silos and this is the maximum capacity of Salhabiya’s silos. It worth mentioning that 7000 tons has been received so far.

SDF-Media Center

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