HomemanshetTabqa unites its forces in a military council

Tabqa unites its forces in a military council

Tabqa -Tabqa forces, in coordination with the General Command of SDF, announced the formation of its military council in a ceremony attended by leaders of SDF, Women’s Protection Units, International Coalition Forces, members and representatives of committees and institutions of the city’s democratic civil administration, Elders of the tribes and the Council of Tribal reconciliation and the martyrs’ families.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence upon the martyrs’ lives, followed by a statement read out by the head of the Military Council in Tabqa “Mohammed Raouf”  who welcomed the attendees and pointed out to the goal of forming the military councils in accordance with the new structure, stressing that these councils are the center of decision-making and its main task protection The region and the people of any threat, the goal of the establishment of military councils is:

1-Unify all military and security forces in the region under one Leadership, which will further reinforcement the taken decisions.

2-Involve the local leaders in the decision-making mechanism widely and more effectively.

3- promote the institutional work within SDF by activating institutions and representing them in the Council.

4-Activating the role of women through the offices of women’s protection units (YPJ), because they played a key role in liberating the region of terrorism and its effective participation on the front lines of battles under the leadership of SDF.

The text of the statement:

After the ending terrorist Daesh organization “geographically”, a new phase emerged which imposed a number of responsibilities and duties, the most important of which was the reorganization of SDF and the protection of the northern and eastern borders of Syria to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

In addition to the organizational expansion of SDF and the emergence of many local leaders who played an active role in this war, new tasks emerged from it. In order to do so, and based on the requirements of this stage, and to contribute effectively to resolving the Syrian crisis and building a national army.

Therefore, SDF are re-structuring itself. In this context, Tabqa Military Council which was announced, consisting of the Brigades, the military regiments, the leaders of the armed forces, the military sector and the officials of the military offices in the region.

The statement concluded by stressing to stand against every hand that wants to threat to the homeland and women’ rights, defending them until the last moment, and the struggle against reactionary and colonial mentality and all attacks against the people.

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