HomemanshetThe forces of Tal Abyad announced the establishment of their military council

The forces of Tal Abyad announced the establishment of their military council

In the presence of the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Euphrates territory and dozens of fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, The Women’s Protection Units YPJ, The Self-Defense Forces in Tal Abyad canton, the members of the democratic civil administration in the canton and its countryside, the institution of the martyrs’ families and the internal security forces, the forces of Tal Abyad announced in a statement the establishment of their military council.

At the beginning, the attendees stand a minute of silence in the memory of the martyr’ lives. After that the statement was read by the leader of the council Riyad Khamis al-Khalaf.

The co-chair of the civil administration, as well as the families of martyrs congratulated the people of Tel Abyad and its military forces for establishing their military council. They also thanked all those who had contributed to the establishment of this council, which is considered a historical achievement. They pointed out that these gains were the result of the sacrifices of their sons and daughters during the battles of liberation against the terrorist organization ISIS along north and east Syria.

The commander of the Syrian forces in Euphrates territory, Jamil Mazloum, congratulated the administration, the people of Tal Abyad and the families of the martyrs of this declaration, considering the announcement of the Council as a historic culmination to eliminate the ISIS and end the era of darkness. He pointed out that their goal is to build a more organized forces who are able to defend the region from any attack and the eliminate the sleeper cells of ISIS, which seeks to destabilize the security and stability of our regions. He also stressed that the Council will activate all the military and security forces which exist in the province and unite efforts to accomplish the task of eliminating these cells. Secure safety and stability in the region.

The text of the statement was as the follow:

After finishing the military war against ISIS and starting of a new phase of struggle against it and due to the organizational expansion of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the emergence of many local leaders, the Syrian democratic forces face new tasks, in order to do these tasks, we need a new organizational system through the establishment of military councils with three basic goals:

  • Unify all military and security forces under its umbrella and unify efforts to struggle against terrorism.
  • Involve local leaders in the decision-making process more strongly.
  • The institutionalization of the institutional work in SDF by activating the military institutions and represent them in the Council more.

The military councils are the decision-making center, whose primary task is to protect the area and provide assistance to its people. The Council consists of regiment commanders, brigade commanders, the military sector and officials of military offices in the region.

We, as the military leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ in the Tal Abyad canton announce the formation of Tal Abyad Military Council to carry out our new tasks in protecting the region and combating terrorism at all levels to achieve our goals of establishing security and stability and protecting the region from all threats which target it.

As for the role of women in the military field and being the main axis in the embodiment of the new organizational structure within SDF, who played her leading role during the military campaigns against ISIS and made great sacrifices in order to protect society and women in particular and depending on this basis they take their place within the offices of the Military Council to perform their role effectively within the ranks of the Women’s Protection Forces in the Tal Abyad region.

Finally, we thank all the attendees from the families of the martyrs, the tribal reconciliation council, tribal elders, the coalition forces and the civil democratic administration in Tal Abyad who supported us during the liberation phase of the region. We hope that they will continue to provide such support and solidarity for our Council during the new phase.

And we promise them to follow the path of our martyrs to achieve our goals in freedom, equality and social justice in a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria. ”

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