The Health Committee make checking tours to pharmacies and health centers in Raqqa eastern countryside

Raqqa – The Health Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa continues its tour on pharmacies and health centers in Raqqa city and its countryside to monitor the prices of medicines and to check the licenses of pharmacies.

During the tour, several pharmacies were closed in Al-Samra and Al-Jadidat village because their owners do not have licenses and authority to work, and unknown drugs were seized and confiscated by the Health Committee.  They also burn the drugs and warn their owners.

A member of the health committee, Mohammed Al-Aboud, confirmed that they confiscated medicines and closed some pharmacies in the eastern line of Raqqa countryside. He said: “We toured the eastern line today, during which we confiscated some unknown medicines. We also closed two pharmacies in Al-Samra and Al-Jadidat village, because they were illegal pharmacies, and do not have licenses from Health committee Raqqa city.

It is worth mentioning that more than three pharmacies in the Raqqa eastern countryside violated the laws by manipulating prices and do not abide by the prices of the Health Committee.


SDF-Media Center

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