HomenewsThe opening of training course for the teachers in the western countryside of Raqqa

The opening of training course for the teachers in the western countryside of Raqqa

Raqqa – In order to rise the educational process in Raqqa and its countryside, the Education Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa organized the second summer course in order to train and rehabilitate the teachers in the city’s schools and rural areas.

The course is organized for two months in several centers, including the center of Sahlabiya in the western countryside of Raqqa. 260 teachers attended the course and 14 lecturers supervise it. The course also included 14 new teachers after being tested by the Education Committee in Raqqa.

During the course, the teachers will receive a series of lectures on different subjects in the first stage of primary schools, then they will focus on the methods of teaching and how to make the student get the information properly. During the course all teachers will will give lessons and undergo a practical training to evaluate their performance, then they will be subjected to a written test to evaluate their benefit of the training course, all these will be within a specific program of the Education Committee in the Civil Council of Raqqa.

“We started a training course for teachers a few days ago to develop their skills, scientific and intellectual experiences in the field of education.” Since the early days, we have noticed a significant difference in the abilities of teachers in comparison with last year, the director of the teachers’ training center in  Salabiya Ahmad Abdullah said.

“The training courses organized by the Education Committee for Teachers have had a significant impact on improving the quality of education in schools,” he added.

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