An ISIS member arrest in a unique operation in Raqqa

Raqqa – The anti-terrorism units of the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a member of the ISIS terrorist organization after carrying out a unique operation on Tuesday night in a house located in Al-Tayyar neighborhood in Raqqa city.

The anti-terrorism units carried out the operation after receiving some information from the Intelligence Center. As a result, they arrested the terrorist belonging to one of the sleeper cells of ISIS organization “

They also found weapons, materials, and equipment for the manufacture of explosives and IEDs  in his house.

Through its sleeper cells scattered throughout the city, which is run by a local civilian council, the ISIS terrorist organization targets civilians by IEDs and assassinations, especially after it had been defeated geographically by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The anti-terrorism units of the Syrian Democratic Forces carry out specific operations targeting terrorist hideouts in Raqqa and its countryside, in coordination and cooperation with the Internal Security Forces and the Global Coalition Forces against ISIS.

SDF-Media Center

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