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68 students graduated from Noor Afaqa Jadida Center

Raqqa – Noor Afaq Center organized a celebration for children who are taking literacy courses and completed the first stage of education. The celebration began to perform a popular play and dance and presented prizes to children on the occasion of graduation.

And in the presence of a number of offices of the Civil Council of Raqqa who discussed the role of the Center in teaching children the curriculum they receive in literacy and skills development.

“We have been working on graduating a group of literacy students by Noor Afaq Center for Literacy and Psychological Support, where we have 270 students from different levels. Ranging from 9  18 years. The teacher of literacy at Noor Afaq Jadida Center, Mohammed Al-Mousa, said.

The duration of each level is two months. The purpose of the work is to make the students follow their regular classes, where they are taught at this stage reading and math and are then graduated towards self-education and its duration is six months, where they are taught 4 basic subjects / Arabic language, mathematics, English and biology.

Mohammed Al-Mousa added that there is a class for children of special needs and a group of self-education students in the fourth grade, the number of graduated students is 40 and the number of self-education students is 28.

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