A Village in my country … Hawija Faraj Village

Raqqa- Hawija Faraj village is located in the western countryside of Raqqa city. It is 30 km away from Raqqa. It is a small residential grouping that extends from the outskirts of the Al-Salhbiya Kharbi village in the north to the Euphrates River in the south and to the west is the village of Hawija Atiq and Al-Hurriya.

The village is characterized to be an irrigated area planted from all sides. It is near the Euphrates river that is why its climate is wet and moderate most of the seasons of the year.

Hawija Al-Faraj is administratively related to the People’s Municipality in Al-Sahlabiya, and the village has no educational or health services centers because of its small population of only 800 people.

“Most of the residents of the village are from the AL-Ajail, al-Amour and Al-Suba ‘tribes. Most of them work in agriculture and livestock, and most of the population receives their needs from the village of Al- Sahlabiya, which is considered a large community center with all needs and supplies. Abdul Rahman Albalil one of the residents of the village said.

The village was liberated on 20/5/2017 and the commune was formed with the return of its people to organize and manage the affairs of the village.

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