Al Gareen Farm … a perfect model for securing food security requirements

Tabqa-The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) opened the Second Gareen Farm, one of the city’s leading agricultural projects, providing food and milk products to the military forces, as well as providing employment for 200 male and female workers.

The opening of the project comes within the framework of the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces to self-finance and provide sources of food sufficiency to meet the food and logistical needs of their forces, as well as benefiting from the crops and surplus products.


“We started work on preparing the farm and launching it two years ago, with a detailed study of the state of the land and its area and the necessary supplies, such as providing irrigation sources for the plantations where the infrastructure of the farm was destroyed and the land is semi-desert, because those terrorist groups prevented the people from investing and benefiting despite being on the banks of the Euphrates River” said Fahad Ferhan the supervisor of the project.

SDF-Media Center

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