HomenewsApproval of the project of rehabilitating drinking water pumping stations in Tabqa

Approval of the project of rehabilitating drinking water pumping stations in Tabqa

Tabqa- In coordination with the Local Administrative Committee, the Environment and the People’s Municipality and the Water Foundation the executive council of Tabqa, organized a celebration on Sunday to mark the opening of the water project entitled “Rehabilitation of drinking water pumping stations in Tabqa”.

The ceremony was held in the Executive Council building in Tabqa, attended by a number of representatives of the civil and military committees and the co-chair of the Municipal Committee and a number of concerned bodies from the Water Foundation.

The project aims to develop the available water resources and ensure the requirements of water security and the provision of pure water for citizens.

To discuss the structure of the project, the director of the project of maintenance of drinking water pumps in Tabqa Abdul Hamid Al-Abdouli said that the project aims to rehabilitate drinking water pumping stations in Tabqa and its surroundings and pump water to villages and the southern reservoir and the northern reservoir as well as pumping station of Al-Ayed, the stages will be as the following:

  •  Secure nine new pumps (six horizontal and three vertical pumps).
  • Maintenance of 10 different pumps at existing stations.
  • Perform the necessary electrical maintenance for the damaged parts.Al-Abdouli pointed out that the project contributes to solving a large part of the water problems through regulating the pumping and water level stability by consumption and balanced drawdown and optimizing the utilization of water resources. He added that the Executive Committee and the Municipal Administration have allocated 300 million Syrian pounds for the completion and start of the investment, with an implementation period estimated at 4 months.

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