HomenewsHajin municipality begins to remove the rubble of the town hospital

Hajin municipality begins to remove the rubble of the town hospital

Deira-Zour – The People’s Municipality of Hajin village which belongs to the countryside of Deira-Zour started on Saturday, the process of removing the ruins of the town’s hospital, which was destroyed by the terrorist organization ISIS, during the battle of defeating terrorism.

The municipality began the process of removing the ruins in coordination with the reconstruction committee, local councils and a number of volunteers from the town.

The process of removing ruins and rubble comes at the request of the residents and due to the importance of the hospital, the need to rehabilitate and operate it.

The municipality’s plan also included removing the rubble from the streets in general and the streets surrounding the hospital in order to make it possible for the people to repair the damage caused to their homes. Where the next step would be to move the rubble to a designated site that had already been designated by the municipality.

Aboud Al-Ammar, a resident of the town, said that he and many of Hajin’s residents volunteered to revive vital facilities.

Hajin hospital is one of the most vital facilities and the only medical center in the area, which the inhabitants of the town and the surrounding villages depend on.

The terrorist organization ISIS blew up the hospital and destroyed it on 9 December 2018, just before the liberation of the town by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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