Health Committee makes tour on the health centers in Raqqa

Raqqa – The Health Committee of the Civil Council of Tabqa organized a tour on the health centers in the city.

“We visited the center of the blood bank and patients with thalassemia and they informed us about how to draw and collect blood from the donors, who are given the quantities of blood according to the required groups and the way the blood is stored in refrigerators and on the records of the center” the assistant of  the head of the health committee Mohammad Al Aboud said.

He added: We went to the first aid center in Sayf Al Daweleh Cardus Center, which includes three internal clinics, women and children, in addition to the presence of a pharmacy and there was a shortage in the number of emergency drugs for some cases, where the center receives about 150 patient per day.

The tour also included a visit to the routine vaccine center, which receives 500 to 600 newborns until the age of two years. The center provides all routine vaccinations such as oral paralysis. C. G. “Five” measles “.

The Committee was informed of the vaccine records and the vaccine method, and there were 18 vaccine centers spread over the countryside and the city.

Al-Aboud noted that the committee continues to follow the work of health centers and pharmacies as well as supervising the reality of work and promoting the health reality of the best levels.

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