Holding the founding conference of the union of workers in Tabqa

Tabqa-Under the slogan “with your help and support we will build our country” the founding conference of the Workers Union was held in Tabqa, members, and delegations of the Executive Council, civil society organizations and all relevant committees and institutions attended the conference.

The participants discussed the bylaw of the Union, which include clarifying the objectives and principles of the Union and conditions of membership, and materials including the rights and duties of workers.

The spokesperson of the civil society organization, Khadija Dawoud, stressed that the main goal of this conference is to discuss the bylaw of the union and to find out how to protect the workers, clarify the rights and duties and work on the development of working-class in all aspects to increase their expertise and qualifications in addition to providing health insurance for them.

Dawood also pointed out that one of the functions of the Union is to put forward investment projects for the working class.

It is noteworthy that the preparations of the conference began three months ago with a series of meetings with the relevant departments and committees in order to establish a mechanism for the establishment of the Union and bylaw.

SDF-Media Center


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