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Livestock committee checks veterinary pharmacies in Tabqa

The Department of Livestock in the Directorate of Agriculture in Tabqa, conducted on Saturday a tour on all veterinary pharmacies in the city and its countryside. As part of its efforts to preserve livestock in the region.

During the tour, large quantities of the corrupted drug were seized and destroyed. In addition to this, its owners were punished.

Agricultural engineer Mahmoud Al-Mohammad, who a works in the Livestock Department, explained that the purpose of the tour is to check the validity of the medicines and to ascertain the completion dates and the methods of keeping the vaccines and cooling them at an appropriate temperature.

Adding that the difficulties faced by veterinarians, the availability of vaccines, and the spread of diseases, ways of fighting and preventing them were discussed.

He also pointed out that during the current year licenses have been renewed for 13 veterinary pharmacies within Tabqa city and its countryside.

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