Maintenance of sanitation water treatment station in Mansoura

Tabqa – In conjunction with the launch of the sanitation network rehabilitation project in the Mansoura town, the maintenance workshops of the people’s municipality in the town carried out extensive maintenance of the sanitation treatment station south of the town.

This was due to the fact that the station stopped working completely during the last two months, as a result of the burning of the dippers. The maintenance included the installation of 7 vertical pumps with a maximum of 80 m2 per second.

The head of the People’s Municipality in Mansoura Ali Al-Mohsen confirmed that the station is currently treating 75% of sanitation water after the last maintenance work. He pointed out that they are seeking in the coming days to complete the maintenance work and start the sterilization stage, in addition to the use of solid materials in wastewater and converting them into fertilizers suitable for agricultural use.

It is worth mentioning that the sanitation station in Mansoura was activated partially in August last until it was completely disrupted during the last period.

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