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Part of the work of the People’s Municipality in Al-Kasrat

Raqqa – The People’s Municipality continues its activities and assume its responsibilities, as it works to listen to the complaints of the people and solve their problems and rehabilitate the infrastructure that was destroyed due to the frequent rains that occurred during the last season.

The co-chair of the People’s Municipality in Al-Kasrat  Majid al-Akla explained that the work of the People’s Municipality begins from listening to the complaints submitted by the people until solving it.

He pointed out that some of the sanitation projects have been implemented at the beginning, such as the Greek House street south of the Euphrates River, and the technical workshops have rehabilitated the internal pipes of the sewers, in addition to cleaning the winter sewage and putting cement coverings at each point.

“Ibrahim Al-Khalil an official in service department in the People’s Municipality in Al-Kasrat said:”We are continuing our work, which requires us to assume our responsibilities, such as building a retaining wall adjacent to the houses on the mountains, as such places are a danger to the people in the winter, because of rain and torrential rains.

He added saying: “We worked on the rehabilitation of winter sewage and processing before the coming of winter, as for the paving of roads we had paved some of the main roads that were destroyed and are now working on the rehabilitation of the bridge in the area of Alshal on the Aleppo and Raqqa’s main road – which was hit by the warplane in the past.

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