Preparing a school for driving in Tabqa

Tabqa-The North Company for Construction and Development started the project of preparing a school for driving the vehicles in Tabqa city with a space about / 8000 / m 2 “railway station previously.

The phases of the project include the restoration of previously damaged buildings and offices located in the allocated area and the establishment of new buildings to meet all the needs of the Center’s sections.

30 workers of all specialties work within it to prepare the school within two months from the start date 10/6/2019 to be ready to receive citizens who wish to obtain licenses to drive cars.

Nishan Haidar, supervisor of the project, said: “Our goal is to establish the driving School to grant citizens who wish to obtain new licenses and amend the old and also help the Traffic Department to eliminate the phenomenon of unqualified drivers who do not have licenses in order to reduce traffic accidents, which caused death to many people. ”

He added: “We are doing our best to finish the project on time”.

The cost of the project is about 13 million Syrian pounds. This project is the first of its kind in Tabqa city and a successful and important step.

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