Rehabilitation of 800 meters of sanitation networks at Jazzra junction

Raqqa – After receiving complaints from the people of   Jazzra junction, that there was a blockage in the sanitation networks in the area. The Technical Committee of the People’s Municipality initiated its workshops to repair the sanitation network after discovering the sewer and finding the place of the blockage.

“The workshops went to the work site north of Jazzra junction and after the discovery, there was a complete blockage in the 800-meter long sanitation line, the project supervisor, Mohammed Amin Mohammed said.

He added that the workshops worked on digging the line and revealed after the detection of the blockage of the nozzles in full, as a result of the entry of dust and dirt to the inside of the line and the exit of all the sewer out the service, noting that they are working to replace the full addition to the sewers.

He pointed out that they had finished inside the line (21  Rikar) and the processing  200 m of the project so far, adding that the project will continue  45 days.

SDF-Media Center

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