Rotten cans were burned in Raqqa

Raqqa – The detect committee of the People’s Municipality continues their tours on the markets and shops in Raqqa city to control corrupt and expired food staff.

After receiving several reports from the residents regarding the importing of large quantities of canned foods from Turkey. The detect committee collected and confiscated the quantity from the shops and markets and transported them to places designated in order to burn it, after being documented and examined by analysis laboratory.

A member of the detect committee Ahmed Ismail, confirmed that they received reports from the residents confirming that one of the shop owners within the city brought more than 5000 package of canned beef (Mortadella), which was distributed to the city markets, and they proved that it is corrupt due to poor packaging.

Ismail pointed out that the quantity was destroyed in three stages, the latest of which was today a total of 650 packages by burning first and then crossed by a bulldozer to ensure that the diseases will not spread.

It is noteworthy that the People’s Municipality in Raqqa conducts daily patrols on all shops in Raqqa in addition to the slaughterhouse and the market and fish shops, especially after the heat waves which hit the city.

SDF-Media Center

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