SDF killed one of the most important princes of ISIS

In a security operation launched by the Syrian Democratic forces and the international coalition on the eleventh of June, during which the terrorist “Thabet” one of the most important elements of Daesh in Al-Soar area in the countryside of Deir al-Zour.
Where the forces carrying out the operation tried to arrest him alive but did not comply with the surrender and shot them and responded to him in a similar manner that led to his death immediately.
During the search, our forces found quality weapons and mobile phones in the house in which he live.
As a primary reaction to the security operation, a number of those believed to be “Thabet” supporters fled while civilians in that area supported the forces involved in the operation.
It is noteworthy that “Thabet” was one of the largest financiers for ISIS and responsible for the sale of oil and smuggling and is the economic mind of the terrorist organization


SDF-Media Center

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