The Academy of Martyr Ali Malham for Internal Security Forces graduated 60 members

Tabqa – Martyr Ali Melhem’s academy for internal security forces in Mansoura town which is located in the suburb of Tabqa city, ended a training course on Tuesday, the course which was named after Martyr Mustafa ended with a military ceremony attended by leaders and fighters in the Internal Security Forces.

he ceremonies began with a military parade after that Hikmat Hasco, a member of the academy’s administration, gave a speech and congratulated the trainees and wished them success in fulfilling their duty to maintain security and stability in the region.

The graduation ceremony concluded with the performance of the military oath and the delivery of the graduation documents.

It worth mentioning that 60 members joined the course on 16 June 2019 and lasted a month.

During the course, the trainees received intensive military training and various intellectual and political lessons.

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