The continuation of the military training for the fighters of Martyr Redur Tabqa regiment

Tabqa – Martyr Redur Tabqa regiment continues to train and rehabilitate fighters especially after finishing the battles against ISIS terrorist organization in order to maintain the physical fitness of fighters and increase their expertise and knowledge in all aspects of combat life through their programs.

The fighters are subjected daily to physical training, cultural and political lessons related to the behavior the fighter, how to conduct the ceremonies of martyrs and national events, lectures on the objectives and principles of the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as military lessons and lectures related to the speed in dismantling and installing weapons and acquiring the tactics that enable them to respond quickly and intervene immediately in cases of Emergency.

“The training that the fighters receive every day is aimed at developing their combat and cultural capabilities to be ready and willing to respond to any aggression that threatens the security of the region,” said Osama Abdul Khalaf, one of the regiment’s trainers.

It is worth mentioning that the Martyr Redor regiment participated in the whole campaign of Jazeera storm and the number of fighters of the regiment, who receive training is (200) fighters.

SDF-Media Center


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