The Graduation of a literacy course in Yarub camp

Raqqa- In cooperation with the Education Committee in Raqqa, the  Euphrates Development organization, ended on Tuesday a new literacy course for the children of Mazra’at Yarub camp in the western countryside of Raqqa.

The course was especially organized for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years who never entered school or were cut off  because of the war and the situation in the region.

The closing ceremony began with a series of children’s dances, and then an exhibition of children’s drawings was opened, the exhibition carried the name of Wedd . At the end of the ceremony gifts were given to children.

“We organized a ceremony today for ending a two-month literacy course for children, during the two-month period, the children received lessons to compensate for their lack of education “said Ahmed Al-Khader, head of the team at the  Euphrates Development organization

Al-Khader also pointed out that due to the use of appropriate methods by the staff and the psychological support provided, we noticed at the end of the course a radical change in children and their level of education and in their psychological state and behavior, for example at the beginning most of their drawings reflect the war and destruction but now it reflects the flowers and spring and cartoon characters which they love.

SDF-Media Center

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