The Health Committee  launches campaign of blood donation for children of “Thalassemia”

Raqqa – The Health Committee, in collaboration with Afaq Jadida organization (New Horizons), launched a blood donation campaign for children suffering from Thalassemia under the title “Donate for a day”.

“The purpose of the campaign is to help children with the disease recover and return to their normal lives,” said Abdul Qader Sulaiman, head of the Thalassemia department at Sayf Al-Dawla health clinic in Raqqa.

He added: “The clinic receives daily about 25 donors. We have about 300 children from the cities of Raqqa and Deira Zour receiving treatment, where 1 / – 2 bags of blood are transferred every two weeks, and most of the children receiving treatment are under the age of 10 years.

The campaign aims to draw a smile on the face of children suffering from the disease and help them to live as their normal lives.

SDF-Media Center

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