The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee announces the start of new projects

Raqqa – The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee of the Civil Council in Raqqa announced the completion of the three projects, which it had launched and it included the project of the initial response team, the drainage, and operation of the machines to restore and rehabilitate the infrastructure of the city.

The projects included several works that were completed within four months. The initial response team recovered 699 bodies from tFakhekhah cemetery and 246 bodies from Tala’a camp (pioneers). The initial response team was able to remove concrete blocks from / 60 / house during the third phase.

In the first aid department, the ambulance team was able to assist 168 cases, including traffic accidents, illness cases and works in the initial response team are continuing.

The Sanitation Department also announced the completion of rehabilitation of water and sanitation networks in Raqqa city and completed work for a large section of the streets.

The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee announced the launch of a new project to cover the road from silos roundabout to Farosiyah station, the length of the road is 8 km.

SDF-Media Center

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