The Military Council of Tabqa reconcile between Al Walda and Al Bado Clans

Tabqa – The Military Council of Tabqa in coordination with the Military Relations Office of SDF held on Thursday a meeting with elders and dignitaries of the clans Jarniyah town in Tabqa countryside, in order to reconcile Al Walda and Al Bado Clans.

The meeting is aimed at reconciling between Al Walda and Al Bado Clans, solve disagreements, and encouraging the unity and harmony between the northern and eastern parts of Syria.

The martyrdom of the fighter in SDF Ibrahim Musa al-Issa from Al Walda clan due to a traffic accident while doing his military duty in Jarniya town on July 7, 2019, was the reasons of the dispute between the two clans.

The delegation went to Al-Sufait village near Bir Sinjar village to meet with Al Bado clan and from there they went with the Bado clan to Bir Hamoud al-Yusuf village to offer a condolence to them and make reconciliation with Al Walda clan.

The meeting ended with a reconciliation between the two clans and they shook hands with tribal members and dignitaries in accordance with the customs and traditions of reconciliation. They thanked the Military Council of Tabqa for their contribution in reducing the problem and the bloodshed between them.

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