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The People’s Municipality of Tabqa launches a clean campaign for public roads

Tabqa – The cleanup campaign launched by the People’s Municipality of the Municipal Committee of the Civil Administration of Tabqa city continues on its seventh day with the slogan “cleanliness is the title of civilization”.

The campaign targets the main road starting from the Euphrates Dam, Martyr Habun Arabs roundabout, ending with the Martyrs’ roundabout, and is divided into two phases:

The first phase is the removal of grass, dust and accumulated dirt along the road, and the second phase begins with the contribution of the fire brigade in securing water tanks for washing and cleaning of the highway.

“The campaign aims to give a beautiful and civilized splendor to the city. It started a week ago and continued for several more days,” said the official of the People’s Municipal Park in Tabqa Mohammed Shaker Al Hoshan.

Al Hoshan added that / 40 / workers from the municipality of the people and a number of machines such as bulldozers, tractors, and dumps participated in the campaign to clean and transport dust outside the city.

He concluded by saying that the drivers of the vehicles are obliged to adhere to hygiene rules and not to throw the waste because the city is our city and will not progress and develop without its people, support and help.

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