The Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces dismantle three explosive devices in Raqqa

In the framework of its efforts to maintain the security and stability of Raqqa city. The Internal Security Forces in Raqqa, in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Forces, identified the place of  3 explosive devices in different areas of the city and dismantled them, after they had received some information from the residents last week.

The secret cells which belong to the terrorist organization ISIS are trying to disturb the security and stability of Raqqa city by targeting its safe civilians with explosive devices, and sometimes by targeting them with assassinations, which have so far killed dozens of citizens.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, in coordination with the Internal Security Forces, are launching a permanent search and sweep campaign to revive the city in search of any sleeper cells belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS.

The Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces in Raqqa consider the safety of its citizens the highest priority for it.

In this regard, the Civil Administration of the city calls on all its inhabitants to cooperate and report any suspicious activity by contacting the centers of the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces directly.

SDF-Media Center

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