HomenewsThe women of the Euphrates region hold an extensive discussion forum in Tabqa

The women of the Euphrates region hold an extensive discussion forum in Tabqa

Tabqa – Under the slogan “Women in times of conflict, reality, and horizons” the activities of the Expanded Dialogue Forum for the women of Euphrates region started today at the Center of Culture and Art in Tabqa city.

The Women’s Protection Units YPJ in the Euphrates region, committees, and institutions of the city’s civil administration, women’s delegations from cities and towns of northern and eastern Syria, Shangal and Kurdistan region of Iraq participated in the forum.

The conference began with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs’ lives.

The two-day forum aims to discuss the situation of women and their suffering in the shadow of powerful authoritarian regimes, which have worked to keep women away from their essence, blur their identity, marginalize them, disrupt their active role within society and find ways to activate their social role again.

Regarding the forum, the director of the Women’s Committee in Tabqa city Zahra Al-Hamada said that the Forum is an opportunity to reach the voice and suffering of the women of Euphrates region to the whole world, and dialogue about it to break the intellectual and social restrictions that bind them and organize them.

Al-Hamada added that the liberation of society passes through the liberation of women from the masculine mentality and intellectual restrictions that deprive them of their rights.

The director of the Women’s Committee in Raqqa Maryam Ibrahim pointed out that they participate today as representatives of women’s committees from all the cities of north and east Syria to discuss and identify the dilemmas that prevent the development of women themselves.

She added that the studies and discussions revealed that the problems faced by women in the cities and towns of north and east of Syria are the same, so it is important to find effective ways to overcome the previous stages and create a free, democratic and ethical society based on new principles.

Maryam Ibrahim sent a message to all the women of the world and women in the Middle East, in particular, to develop their abilities and seek their freedom by taking the democratic struggle as a way to free themselves into.

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