To protect children… The Syrian Democratic Forces sign a joint action plan with the United Nations in Geneva

SDF General Commander is in Geneva, and a joint action plan with the United Nations to protect children

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) signed on June 29 a plan of action with the United Nations in Geneva on how to protect and help children in the areas under the control of self-administration of north and east Syria.

This step comes after several months of direct talks between United Nations officials and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) representatives.

SDF General Commanders Mr. Mazlum Abdi and Mrs. Neirouz Ahmad, Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) representatives and the Co-Chair of NES SA Mr. Adb Hamd Al-Mhbash, the chair of the public relations office Redur Khalil attended the meeting.

The Joint Action Plan was signed by the SDF General Commander Mr. Mazlum Abdi and the Special Representative of General Secretary (SRGS) of UN Mrs. Virginia Gamba.

SDF General Commander Mr. Mazlum Abdi welcomed UN support for the implementation of the Joint Action Plan and address the basic causes of the problems that children are facing in north and east Syria. He explained in-depth the current needs of children and all services and efforts that have been conducting for the last seven years in order to provide the children with the best future in term of security, education, and health, despite the limited possibilities and the harsh conditions of war the ongoing in Syria.

In her turn, the Special Representative Mrs. Virginia Gamba praised the commitment made by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and said: “It is an important day for the protection of children in Syria, which marks the beginning of an ongoing process because it proves  a deep commitment on the part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to ensure that prevent of the recruitment of children or use them under its umbrella. Children or use them “.

Geneva Call organization visits military formations in the north-eastern regions of Syria. the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) dedicate lessons and lectures to Geneva Call organization to give it during SDF training courses and military academies.

After the decision issued by SDF General Commander Mr. Mazlum Abdi 7 September 2018, to prevent the recruitment of children, a number of minors were demobilized by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Human Rights Watch published a report in which it praised and welcomed the decision by the Syrian Democratic Forces, saying it was an important step in protecting children in Syria.

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