Job opportunities for al-Tabqa’s women provided by the North Company

Al-Tabqa – North Construction Company works in the field of building, equipping institutions and service departments in the city of al- Tabqa and its countryside.

The company has other departments working in the field of carpentry, upholstery and blacksmithing, which provide many jobs for men and women.Women work exclusively in the upholstery department, where the work provides eight women working on sewing machines and knit fabrics used by the company to upholstery furniture that it is working to accomplish.

And about the work of women in the company, Asma al-Ali, an upholstery worker at the company, said: “We started last year.” This was an opportunity to provide a better life for female workers in the field, to help their families as they work on existing embroidery machines and furnish the furniture it requires.

The North Company is to create a sewing workshop for supplying more job opportunities for women seeking employment.

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