HomemanshetLocal Administration of Committee: Damages of al-Raqqa are / 419 / billion

Local Administration of Committee: Damages of al-Raqqa are / 419 / billion

Al-Raqqa – The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee held today a press conference during which the missions carried out in the second quarter of this year were presented in Raqqa city of providing services and achieving projects in many locations where the damage of the city amounted to more than 419 billion Syrian pounds.

In the presence of the joint presidency of the Council of al-Raqqa civil and all its committees as well as the joint presidency of the municipality of al-Raqqa and a number of municipalities in the countryside, yet with the presence of media centers and agencies in al-Raqqa.

Ahmed al-Khalil, the Co-Chairman of the Local Administration and Municipalities Committee, delivered a speech in which he talked about the services performed, saying: “Since the establishment of al-Raqqa Civil Council and because of the city’s need for services, we began to follow up the requests and needs of citizens, whether agricultural or service or in the field of drinking water and irrigation, roads and electricity, and on 10/1/2018 a committee was formed and named the Local Administration Committee and Municipalities. Al-Raqqa city and its countryside to follow the service works of roads and bridges.”

He added, we studied and counted the damage as a result of the war that took place in the city and the statistics were as follows:

In the field of health, it is four billion and seven hundred and fifty million SP. In the field of school buildings, it is five billion and eight hundred million SP. In the field of government and public buildings, it is fifty-six billion five hundred and fifty million SP. Water tanks destroyed 9 billion SP. Private buildings, it is three hundred and thirteen billion. Bridges, it is eight billion Syrian pounds. In the field of roads, it is nine billion Syrian pounds.  In the field of paving and asphalting, it is three billion. In the rehabilitation of drinking water network, it is four billion pounds. In the field of sewage network, it is six billion pounds, and these are parts of the damage to the city.

With regard to the field of water, 7 water units were activated at the city and countryside: Calta, farms, Sahlabiyat, al-Karama, al-Kasrat, al-Jadidat and the city.

At the beginning, it was It was an ambulatory action which was supported by al-Raqqa Civic Council and the Syrian Democratic Council by manpower because of the lack of capacity and mechanisms, yet drinking water reached the people by 80% at that date.

In the field of municipalities, 16 municipalities have been established in the city and its countryside, including al-Shaab Municipality in al-Raqqa.

Khalil continued talking about the events of this year, saying: “After the completion of 2018 and entry into 2019. We moved from the ambulatory phase to the implementation and stability. With efforts of the Civil Council of al-Raqqa and the support of the Democratic Syrian Council, the committee was provided with one billion Syrian pounds which is distributed to municipalities and services, where the number of drinking water stations / 21 / fully equipped.

With efforts and support of the Civil Council of al-Raqqa, the old al-Raqqa Bridge was rehabilitated and costed two hundred million Syrian pounds, and the implementation of projects for other bridges at an estimated cost of three hundred million Syrian pounds. Concerning technical service, more than two million cubic meters were deported from the city by the organizations and the local administration. Technical services have 58 operating mechanisms in the city.

The initial response team covers fire, rescue, ambulance, removal of concrete blocks that pose a threat to residents, public safety and documentation of corpses and mass graves formed by ISIS.

The process of asphalting is carried out by the Northern Syrian Company by fifty thousand cubic meters. The work continues within the city. 40% of the asphalt project was targeted. The Local Administration and Municipalities Committee participated in studies with the Electricity Committee through the study of 300 transfer centers at a cost of two hundred million pounds and the provision of potentials and services for electricity to be returned to the city.

During the press conference, the members of the committee answered media questions about the achievements.

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