HomenewsRecycling of iron in the countryside of Raqqa

Recycling of iron in the countryside of Raqqa

Raqqa – In order to benefit from the rubble of buildings and destroyed homes that resulted from the battles and clashes that took place during the control of the terrorist organization ISIS over the city and its countryside, three factories were opened in the countryside of the city, including the Eastern Sulaybiyah factory to recycle the iron extracted from the rubble.

The extracted iron is collected and transported to the recycling factory to be placed in special furnaces to become flexible, it can be used as raw material for the construction iron industry in different measurements and lengths, in addition to the manufacture of sheet metal.

the administrative in the iron factory Ali Farhan explained that the factory benefits from the iron extracted from the rubble of the buildings in recycling and construction steel industry with high quality and competitive prices and cheaper than the imported iron, which currently prices about 600 dollars, while the price of tons of iron from the factory is 500 dollars.

Farhan noted that the factory produces about 11-15 tons of iron and is distributed in local markets.

It is worth mentioning that the Eastern Sulaybiyah factory provided jobs for 60 workers.


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