HomemanshetSocial Reconciliation holds its periodic meeting

Social Reconciliation holds its periodic meeting

Al-Raqqa—Social Reconciliation Bureau of the al-Raqqa Civil Council held its regular meeting of its sub-committees in al-Raqqa and its countryside to discuss and read the monthly reports of the committees and listen to their opinions and requirements in resolving issues.

They read the monthly reports that included the problems which were solved, the events, the outstanding issues and the obstacles that they faced in resolving the conflicts.

Hussein al-Barjas, a member of the Social Reconciliation Bureau, spoke about the meeting and discussing the monthly reports of each committee saying: “We held our regular meeting of all sub-committees of the Magistrate’s Office. Monthly reports and each committee mission to solve social issues and problems were read

Attendees raised the obstacles facing them, as the Office of Social Reconciliation seeks to resolve social issues and disputes so that as to not resort to the courts.

The Magistrate’s Office works to relieve the citizen of the cost of the courts and the time as well as to solve problems as soon as possible.

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