HomemanshetThe graduation of 173 fighters and commanders  from the military training academies

The graduation of 173 fighters and commanders  from the military training academies

AYN ISSA – The military training academies of the Martyr Adnan Abu Amjad’s Central Training Office graduated on Wednesday 173 fighters with different specialties.

The fighters received training at the Martyr Joan Arab’s Leadership Academy, which included political and cultural lessons. The course carried the name of the  Martyr Birosk Lahin.

The Martyr Athro Syriac’s Academy of heavy weapons, military training, and political lessons also ended a course which carried the name of the martyr Sizer.

The Martyr Lawrence Academy for Leadership ended a course carried the name of the martyr Rostom Badawi and lasted two months.

And the martyr Botan Turkmen’s Academy ended another course with the competence of search and sweeping and carried the name of the martyr Ali Gajan

Leaders from the military councils of the SDF and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, the fighters, and their families attended the graduation ceremony.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyr’s lives and a military parade was presented by the fighters. Kani Kobani a leader in the training office delivered a speech and congratulated the fighters for ending their military course.

“We are living in a sensitive stage of the ongoing threats of the Turkish state to undermine our achievements and achievements of the self-administration in northern and eastern Syria. We will defend our land and our principles and all the components of the Syrian people without discrimination” Kani Kobani said.

Kobani said that they will be in any place where there is a threat to any component of the people of northern and eastern Syria and will respond to the appeal of their people and their country.

Kobani wished the fighters to apply the theoretical lessons and what they learned during the courses in their workplaces to defend the land and principles of the SDF and the brotherhood of the peoples.

The ceremony concluded with the military oath performed by the fighters and the distribution of graduation certificates to the fighters.

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