A Dialogue seminar to discuss the educational situation in Tabqa

Tabqa – The Education Committee in Tabqa held a seminar today entitled “Education and teaching between reality and the future”, to discuss the situation of teachers, schools, and students. Members of the Education Committee, the Teachers’ Union, the Educational institutions and a number of teachers attended the seminar.

The seminar began with a review of the work of the Education Committee during the past year in addition to the plan of the Education Committee for the new academic year.

The attendees discussed a number of topics and suggestions on the reality of education, problems facing the educational process, and rumors about the abduction of children to raise fears among parents about sending their children to school.

Five new schools were opened this year,  seats were secured and the subject of vacations and adherence to the bylaw of the Education Committee and the role of the Office of Women and things provided to teachers like maternity leave for three months were discussed , the number of students in the classroom will be 25 students ad  the books were secured and  the teacher who passed %50 of the summer tests were appointed.

Members of the Education Committee and the Teachers’ Union responded to teachers’ questions and queries.

Member of the Teachers’ Union in Tabqa “Hassan Al-Haj” said: We organized this seminar today to get acquainted with the plans of the Education Committee during the new school year and the mechanism of its implementation and to discuss the problems of the education sector and ways to overcome them and to identify the views of teachers and their proposals in a number of topics that affect the reality of teachers in particular.

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