Camels again in Al-Basira

Deir Zour – Before ISIS’s control on Basira region which belongs to  Deira Zour’s countryside, it was one of the most famous areas for breeding camels and seeing its herds of very familiar scenes in the area, due to the proper climate for breeding, but shortly, after all, everything related to the past and heritage was threatened.

Because of the lack of security and stability at the time, the livestock sector in general and camels, in particular, have declined considerably as breeders have left the area and no more traded in them, and their supplies and transportation have become difficult.

After the liberation, the practice of social customs and traditions revived again as well as the practice of professions and heritage works, especially the breeding of camels, which is part of the Arabs’ heritage.

Breeding camel is a source of livelihood for many families of Basira, benefiting from their milk, skin, and meat.

“This sector has become active in the recent period and the situation is much better, but we suffer from a lack of pastures due to the decline of cultivated areas as well as the decline of traders’ interest in them, which negatively affects the development of this sector,” said Ahmed Khalouf Al-Waleed, a breeder from Al-Basira.

He pointed out that camels being a desert animal feeds on desert plants and thorns, and types like Wadha, Satra and Shala plants.

It is worth mentioning that camels are animals that have the ability to withstand prolonged thirst.

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