HomenewsCultivation of Tabqa sets the agricultural plan for 2019/2020

Cultivation of Tabqa sets the agricultural plan for 2019/2020

Tabqa – The Directorate of Agriculture in Tabqa developed the new agricultural plan for 2019/2020 after being studied by the studies department of the Directorate of Agriculture.

The plan includes providing all forms of support to farmers such as fertilizers, seeds, medicines, oil, and guidance by 75% for winter crop and 25% for summer.

Taking into consideration the type of water pump engines to provide diesel fuel to suit engine consumption.

The plan also took into account the allocation of sufficient grazing areas within the unirrigated lands which are state property in support of livestock.

The Director of Tabqa agriculture Khaled Al Askar said: The agricultural plan was developed to support the peasants and encourage them to grow strategic crops, especially wheat and the door of giving licenses have been opened for licensing at the beginning of the current month until 1/10/2019.

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