Five corpses were exhumed in the countryside of Raqqa

Raqqa – The initial response team of the Civil Council of Raqqa found on Saturday the corpses of five civilians in Kasra Faraj village south of Raqqa city.

The head of the forensic team of the initial response team, Dr. Mahmoud Haj Hassan, said that on Saturday morning 21-9-2019 they were informed by the villagers of the presence of unpleasant odors believed to be the corpses of people, and immediately sent a team to the mentioned place.

He added that during the drilling, the team found five corpses, three of them belonging to children between 1-5 and 2 years, and the remaining two belonging to people between the ages of 35-40 years.

He explained that the corpses were placed in special bags to be handed over to the families after the identification.

He concluded by explaining the number of corpses that have been exhumed so far, which is more than 5200 corpses, all of which are registered, and he confirmed that searches are continuing throughout Raqqa.

SDF-Media Center

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