Minors marriage is a threat to the future of societies

Tabqa – The Women’s House held on Wednesday a seminar entitled “The Dangers of Minors’ Marriage and its Negative Effects on the Society” at the Cultural Center in the city in the presence of a number of heads of administrative and civil councils and a crowd of Tabqa’s residents.

During the seminar, a discussion was held with the audience about the dangers and problems that threaten the society as a result of the spread of the phenomenon of minors’ marriage and its physical and psychological effects on the life of the minor girl and the family.

It was pointed out that the phenomenon can cause the disintegration of families and the dispersion of children and their loss as a result of the immaturity of the wife and the almost certain occurrence of divorce because the wife does not adapt to this situation which is unsuitable for her age.

It was stressed during the seminar that it is better for society, and to avoid chaos and many family problems not to deprive the girl of living her childhood and receiving her education, since the minors still need one person to guide them and be responsible for them.

Walaa al-Naji, spokeswoman for the Women House management said that they aim to visit more than 3,000 families in Tabqa and its countryside in cooperation with the people’s houses and neighborhood councils to educate parents about the dangers of child marriage and its negative effects that threaten the unity and cohesion of society.

It is worth mentioning that this seminar is part of the campaign launched by the Women’s House under the slogan “We united, we won, we will fight to protect, No for violence”, which started several days ago in Tabqa and its countryside.  The aim is to increase awareness and identify the risks and diseases that threaten the preservation of the natural spirit of society and also how to preserve the gains of society.

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