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Raqqa .. Cotton crop and the mechanism of receipt in centers

Raqqa – Cotton cultivation is one of the basic and strategic crops in Raqqa region, where it was one of the leading cities in its production, but it declined significantly during the war years, but with the liberation of the city and the start of projects to improve the general agricultural reality by the Civil Council of Raqqa, the production has returned as it was before.

The authorities concerned with agriculture noted that this year’s crops are much better than last year because there was no cotton disease which may affect the cotton plant.

“The farmers started harvesting the cotton crop, and the harvesting rate has reached 30% of the total cultivated area in Raqqa and the production rate is 58 thousand tons,”. Said Ahmed al-Ali, co-chair of the Agricultural Society Development Company.

He pointed out that the price set to buy a kilo of cotton is 330 SYP, and said that the decision was made in the presence of the Commission of Agriculture, Economy and Project Management and the representatives of the Union of Peasants in Ayn Issa.

 He explained that Salhabiya center which is located between Raqqa and Tabqa cities will receive the quantities of cotton from the farmers.

He concluded by calling on the peasants to go immediately to the center to market their crops and not to be exploited by anyone.

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