Tabqa .. Martyr Khalid Alewi Academy ended a course for youth

The 13th course of the martyr Khalid Alaiwi Academy for Democratic Society held its 13th session, named after the martyr Dilovan Tabqa, at its headquarters in the presence of members of the civil administration and a number of residents.

18 members of Tabqa’s Youth and the Sports Federation participated in the 18-day course.

The graduation ceremony started with the speech of the chair of the Executive Council in Tabqa,  Mohammed Bark, he congratulated the trainees who graduated from the academy and wished them success in their work and wanted them to applicate what they learned in the Academy in the work of youth.

He praised the role of youth and said: “We started with youth and youth will win.”

As the director of the academy, Dogan Furat, explained that the trainees received a number of intellectual, political and cultural lessons about the role of women in society, management methods, the importance of academic work in the development of society and many other topics that help the individual to contribute more effectively to the development of society.

The ceremony ended with the distribution of books to the graduates and a theatrical presentation made by members of the course on behalf of the brotherhood of peoples.

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