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Tabqa..Military Joining  Center

Tabqa –  At the beginning of this month a joining center belonging to the Military Council of Tabqa was opened to organize the mechanism of enrolling young people who want to join the ranks of the military forces throughout Tabqa in order to strengthen the public protection system and maintain security and stability and thwart any threats of the terrorist organizations and other forces in the region.

The main task of the Center is to supervise the registration of those who want to join the military forces, and discuss with them the bylaw of the Council and the conditions that must be available in those applicants, especially age.

Mohammed Khair Al-Ahmed, the one who is responsible for the Center’s archives, pointed out that they explain all the conditions in the contract of enrollment for young people coming to join, especially that the age is appropriate, which is between 18 – 35 years as well as to be free from chronic and contagious diseases to maintain the general health of the forces and be qualified physically and mentally to join the military regiments.

It is worth mentioning that the Center is sorting the new recruits on regiments and military units.

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