The opening of three training courses in the military academies

Ayn ISSA – The Military training academies which belong to the martyr Adnan Abu Amjad central training office opened on Wednesday three courses for leaders, heavy weapons and search and sweeping in Ayn Issa.

The fighters at the Martyr Joan Arab Academy for Leaders will receive training and both political and cultural lectures during the 13th course which carried the name of the martyr Faisal and included 34 fighters.

The fighters at the Martyr Athro Syriani Heavy Weapons Academy will receive political and cultural lectures and military training in various types of heavy weapons like mortar, recoilless cannon, doshka, and armored vehicles.

The fighters at the martyr Botan Turkmen academy for search and sweeping will receive political and cultural lectures as well as military training in various types of light and medium weapons and rapid intervention operations, raids and tactics of incursions,  the fourth course which carried the name of the martyr Akid Ragheb included 37 fighters.

The ceremony, which was attended by leaders and fighters of the SDF and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, began with a minute of silence and greeting the martyrs.

The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Jamil Mazloum, delivered a speech in which he said, “ With the victories achieved on the ground, it brings great responsibilities and challenges, and to face them we have to build ourselves with training and discipline. Through these courses at the Central Academies, we are protecting and fulfilling the hopes and wishes of the martyrs for a free life which pluralism, equality, and democracy will dominate it.

At the end of his speech, he wished the fighters victory and success stressing that they will stand in the face of colonists and with both their will and unity they will destroy their hopes and threats. He also promised that they will follow the step of the martyrs.

The ceremony ended with the performance of the military oath.

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