The works of the People’s Assembly in Al-Basira

Deir Zour- The People’s Assembly in Al-Basira town continues to provide services to the town’s residents and villages, including the rehabilitation and restoration of roads and rehabilitation of infrastructure, sanitation lines and drinking water networks, as well as the management of administrative affairs of the town’s residents through its committees and councils in the villages.

The co-chair of the council Shukr Al-Saleh spoke about the situation of the council’s work, stressing that they continue to provide all services, whether related to the service side, administrative or social side in the light of the currently available possibilities.

He pointed out that the number of local councils administratively linked to the Council of Al-Basira is 9 and 170 commune.

He explained that the Council consists of 7 committees, namely, the Committee of Services, Health, Reconciliation, Women, Agriculture, Youth, Education, and each committee works according to its specialization.

He noted that despite the few possibilities, they are in the process of implementing many projects and are currently under study.

It is worth mentioning that the establishment of the Council dates back to 5 December 2018

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