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The first joint patrols between the Turkish and American armies, representing the international coalition in the area of the security mechanism adjacent to the Syrian-Turkish border, started this morning on September 8, 2019, at 9:00 am local time between the villages of Noss Tal and Hashisha villages east of Tal Abyad Gire Spi. The patrols have continued for two hours and then returned to the center of its bases within the Turkish territory according to coordination and prior understandings.

The Democratic Self-Administration, represented by its all institutions and military forces, is informed with these patrols and is part of the understandings that the Coalition forces worked to defuse the war and secure stability in the border areas. It is part of a roadmap to reach sustainable understandings that ensure stability and effectively contribute to Efforts by the SDF to the pursuit and eradication of ISIS.

Therefore, all thanks and appreciation to the partners of the international coalition as well as the US military forces for their efforts to reach understandings that ensure stability and peace, as well as thanks to the border security forces and local military councils, which played an important role in preparing the ground for the success of these patrols mission in accordance with the understandings and coordination agreed upon.

Defense Office of Democratic Self-administration

Ayn Issa


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