To the public opinion

Once again, the Syrian regime, through its Foreign Ministry, seeks to mislead the world public opinion and the United Nations organization by making fake accusations against our forces.

We would like to emphasize that these accusations will not deter us from continuing our duties in fighting terrorism and fulfilling our promises to all components of the Syrian people in northern and eastern Syria to protect the security and stability of their regions.

It is obvious and the public opinion knows this reality that before the establishment of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the people of the region in the north and east of Syria expelled the regime’s forces and its security institutions through peaceful uprisings in 2012. When the Syrian Democratic Forces responded to the call of the people to liberate them from ISIS terrorism, the Syrian regime showed no interest. Its forces were hundreds of kilometers away from the region and were busy protecting their power centers in the capital city, leaving the people suffering from the world’s most brutal terror. 11,000 fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces lost their lives and become martyrs and 24,000 from its best fighters and commanders were wounded in order to carry out this great Syrian national duty. Therefore, the Syrian regime, which has failed to protect the people of the region from terrorism, has no right to speak on behalf of the people of the region.

In this context, we emphasize that most of the infrastructure, utilities, public facilities, government institutions and bridges, factories and destroyed oil structures in northern and eastern Syria, especially in the governorates of Raqqa and Deira Zour were the result of random shelling of the Syrian regime’s aircraft.

Until today, ISIS continues to use regime-controlled areas to carry out terrorist actions in northern and eastern Syria and target civilians. Most ISIS members who are now detained by our forces acknowledge that they came from the areas which were under the control of the regime and the Euphrates Shield.

Add to that the regime’s miserable attempts to create sedition among the components of the Syrian people in northern and eastern Syria and to carry out sabotage acts.

Instead of the regime’s Foreign Affairs Ministry making complaints to the United Nations, we call on it once again to stop its hostilities against our forces and the people of northern and eastern Syria, and renew our call for dialogue with the forces representing the Kurds, Arabs and all components of the north and east of Syria to search for real solutions that end the suffering of the Syrians and secure peace and stability for all the peoples of Syria, on the basis of constitutional recognition of self-administrations and acceptance of the privacy of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

15 September 2019


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