Who is the financial official of the ISIS who was arrested by our forces?

Deira Zour – After gathering intelligence information and reconnaissance and surveillance operations, the competent authorities were able to identify the place of the terrorist Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, known as Abu Rafa’a, who was hiding in the middle of a crowded area to endanger their lives.

The location of the terrorist was identified and (YAT) Anti-Terrorist Units carried out a special and accurate operation to arrest the terrorist and save the life of civilians from the risks of the operation.

The operation resulted in the arrest of terrorist Abu Rafa’a, who was the ISIS finance official and held other positions for long periods.

Many documents have been seized with the terrorist, which will help to find out many IS cells.

Our forces thank the people of the area who contributed significantly to his arrest.

SDF-Media Center

September 3, 2019

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