Information regarding the attacks by the invading Turkish army on Northern Syria on October 11th.

To the press and general public:

On the third day of this historical resistance, the invading army are heavily attacking Northern Syria and its people. Information regarding these attacks are as follows:


Between Silok and Tal Abyad, extremely heavy fighting took place and the enemy used all its available technical equipment on the region and in the two villages of Til Findir and Yapse, fighting is ongoing. As a result of these clahses, 11 jihadists were  killed. Two of our comrades were martyred and 5 comrades were wounded.


On the third day of the resistance, our fighters in Serekaniye are putting up a hard resistance and fight to break the encirclement of the city.

As a result of the difficult fighting in the region, 94 jihadists were killed and a further 80 were injured. In the following villages the fighting is still ongoing: Til Helef – Eleziziye – Til Erqem – Khirbet Benat – Til Khenzir – Diwera.

In those clashes, 20 of our comrades were martyred and a further 24 comrades were wounded. At the same time, an armoured vehicle of the type “BMB” belonging to the enemy was destroyed and the jihadists inside were killed.


As a result of a sniper mission carried out by our fighters, one soldier was killed. The invading Turkish army were shelling the village of Eli Shar. Our forces retaliated the attacks and killed one soldier and the enemy base with its armory was destroyed.


Dirbesiye and Amude was shelled at noon.  As a result, one of our comrades were martyred and two members of the self defence forces were inured. Our forces retaliated and destroyed their base on the border and also one of their armored vehicles of the type “BMB”


The attacks by the enemy on the edge of the city continues and our forces retaliated and foiled these attacks. At the same time, in the village of Segira, an enemy vehicle was burned and a large number of enemies were killed.

As a result of the attack by UAV’s on the border, the casualties involved civilians martyred and injured.

On the other side, 6 fighters and many civilians were wounded by mortar fire.

Li navenda bajarê Qamişlo kêleka xwaringeha Omerî êrîşek xwekujî bi wesayîtan pêk hat di encam de şehîd û birîndar hene û gelek ziyanên maddî çêbun. Ev êrîş ji aliye çeteyên DAIŞ ve pêkhatiye.

In the city center of Qamishli on the side of the Omeri restaurant, a suicide attack was carried out with cars and resulted in both martyrs and wounded and huge material damages. This attack was carried out by ISIS.


The Turkish army attempted to push through the border, and as this resulted in clashes in Qesir village and  6 Turkish soldiers were killed and a further 23 were injured. As a result of the difficult clashes in Delave Kera village, a military vehicle was destroyed and the village was shelled by the enemy.

Difficult clashes with heavy weapons took place between our fighters in Jaroudie village and the invading Turkish army in Babile village of the Jazeera Botan region.

Yesterday at noon, our forces targeted the enemy in their base in Banokiye village. The base was destroyed as a result. 6 Soldiers were killed and a further 21 were injrued.

 In the evening, our fighters destroyed a base and a military vehicle in Derika Beravi village.

The fighting on October 11th, the invading Turkish army along the border, used all their force with their advanced technology as UAV’s, fighter jets and Haubitzer artillery, mortars and tanks heavily targeted the borderline.

As a result of this resistance by our fighters, 118 Turkish-backed jihadists were killed and a further 90 were injured.

23 of our fighters were martyred and a further 37 were injured.

SDF PRESS OFFICE | October 12th 2019

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